7-Figure Affiliate Biz

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The Secret Business Model I’ve Been Using To Make Millions Of Naira Monthly Using Just My Smartphone And The Internet

My students have been dominating the industry making from N100k, N200k, N500k, 1M and more using a proven marketing strategy and I want to show you HOW in this training.


With Just Your Smartphone & Internet Connection

You Can Be Making…

N100k, N300K, N500K, 1M+ Monthly

From Anywhere In The World


This business model is called “Affiliate Marketing” but I like to call it a “Commission Based Business”. Affiliate Marketing is a business model that pays you a commission for selling other people’s products and the beauty of this business model is that, you’re NOT the one creating, packaging, or producing the products. All you do is to stand as the MIDDLE-MAN who is connecting the buyers and the sellers together.

Do You Know…
Amazon now worth over $1.33 Trillion USD but they do NOT own the products that is listed on their platform? I guess you don’t! What they are doing is simply CONNECTING buyers with sellers.
Same thing goes with Uber! Uber is now the largest transport company in the world, but they do NOT own the taxis… they are just CONNECTING riders with drivers together.
 AirBnB and Real Estate Agent do NOT own a single apartment.. they’re just CONNECTING travellers with house owners.
All these companies and many more, have one thing in common…and that is, Selling Products They Did Not Produce!
And The Same Business Model I Used To Generate Over N10M Naira In Less Than 1year…Without Even Creating My Own Product! Now you see why AFFILIATE MARKETING is the easiest and fastest way to build an online business in this digital age!

Who Am I?

My Name Is AJ Fondz

I’m an author, investor, and a 7-figure affiliate marketing expert. I’ve generated over 10 Million Naira in sales using an automated system I formulated to drive massive sales. This system is called the AI Salesfunnel Integration. My students have been dominating the industry making from N100k, N200k, N500k, 1M and more using this same business model

NOT EVERYONE HAS THE TIME TO DO MARKETING…NOT EVERYONE HAS THE TIME TO CREATE PRODUCT…NOT EVERYONE HAS THE TIME TO STRUGGLE TO MAKE SALES...That is why I’m introducing “YOU” to a Proven Method that has helped me to generate Millions of Naira online by pressing just my smartphone.

I created the AMS Blueprint to help beginners to understand affiliate marketing and how they can build a business around it. This course also helps intermediate affiliate marketers to 10x their affiliate sales organically. The secret is to follow everything I have for them in the this training, and this will help you to generate sales without struggling.


Here’s The Deal…

You Don’t Need HUGE CapitalYou Don’t Need a Website

You Don’t Need a Laptop

You Don’t Need To Create a ProductYou Don’t Need a Physical Shop

Here’s Exactly How It Works

  • Firstly, I’ll show you the exact products to sell.
  • Secondly, I’ll show you how to setup your SalesFunnel that’ll generate you money automatically.
  • Thirdly, Relax and watch the money roll in. With this process, N100k monthly profit is very possible.

The complete and powerful package of tools and proven step-by-step training for you to start making money today!

The secret of making money online is the combination of selling a problem solving product that people will always rush to buy, backing it up with an irresistible offer, and automating your salesfunnel process.Having this high-converting automated salesfunnels, you’ll be ready to start running your online business and make sales as soon as today!So, I’ll hand you all the resources and tools you’ll need to succeed in affiliate marketing and make passive income from it. 

(Most especially, you’ll get my personal support and coaching to ensure you make money as soon as you purchase this course.)

Does It Make Sense Now?

You’ll Get Instant Access To:

• Access To The Private Community
• My Multi-Million Naira Blueprint
• Affiliate Marketing Set-Up Process (A-Z)
• Done-For-You AI Marketing Script
• Unlimited Traffic Generating Secret
• My Affiliate Money Hack
• Complete Graphic Designing Class
• WhatsApp Marketing/Automation
• Unlimited Traffic Generating Formula
• Sales Closing & A lot More!

Ask Yourself This…

  • What if I could start an online business…without HUGE startup capital
  • What if I could make extra N100K-N500K monthly…without working hard
  • What if I could become financially FREE…and never beg for money again
  • What if I could travel the world and live the life I’ve always dreamed of

Well, the answer to these questions are hidden in the AMS Blueprint.


  • Get Your Affiliate Link
  • Setup An Automate SalesFunnel
  • Start Making Sales

All of this means ONE THING…

“Anyone Can Do This And There Is No Limit Of How Much You Can Make.”

How Is That Possible?

My method is very SIMPLE. I find a hot-selling product to promote. After that, I set the AI Marketing SalesFunnel and go to sleep. This AI will find the people who show interest in my product and it will automatically sell my product to them even while I’m sleeping.

Assuming I rely on just Facebook & WhatsApp for sales, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the level of success I have experienced. So why struggle? Allow the AI Marketing SalesFunnel to sell your product while you sleep.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who has never made a sale before, I am certain this will work for you because it worked for me and my students I have been showing it to. All you need is to sit down, learn everything in the course, and observe the results.


  • This is not a get rich quick scheme business model
  • This is not an overnight success method
  • This is not for lazy people
So if you’re someone who is looking for a business that will make you fast and miraculously, then this is not for you.
But if you are determine and ready to learn, then this is going to be your last bus stop in search of how to make money online.
I’ll rather have few persons who are determine to learn, than having a lot person’s who looking for how to make money online fast without putting in any work. 
The choice is yours…& I hope to see you on the inside.

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